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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ten Things I Love About U...I Mean R

Skipping ahead in the alphabet, I took up the challenge to name Ten Things I Love That Start with "R" from LJ Cohen over at her blog Once In A Blue Muse. See her post on things she loves that start with "J," including nerdy Doctor Who answers (love!). I can't judge, considering that I own this t-shirt.

Here it is, your moment of "R"

1. Rain: I really love the rainy season, the trickle on the rooftops, the scent of wet pavement, the smell of green things being green. It was one of the reasons why I lived on the coast of California up among the big California redwoods. Rain. It drizzled more than I ever saw the sun. And I was okay with that. There's something renewing about rain, and since I grew up in a farming community, I see rain as booth a boon and a curse, depending on what crops are affected. I also live next to a river and smack dab in the middle of a flood plain, but I still love rain.

2. Reading: This one was a given. It was so obvious that I almost didn't list it. I can be seen most days reading whenever I can (that includes while sitting on the can). If I don't have a book, or short story collection, or a magazine, then I often resort to cereal boxes, nutrition content lists, and in more desperate moments, the long chemical names on the back of my shampoo bottle. Reading is my lifelong numero uno love.

3. Reanimation: I'm a sucker for zombie movies, and have ever since I re-and-re-watched the Army of Darkness obsessively as a kid. I can still quote the hell of out it to this day. Yes, I watch The Walking Dead, and no I haven't seen all of Season 2, so no spoilers! Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is the only way I've ever made it all the way through a Jane Austen novel. And if only I could find the uncut version of The Reanimator (hint, hint if you want to buy it for me on Amazon) my zombie movie collection would be even more awesome.

4. Recipes: I love cooking, mostly because I love eating and sharing food with others. Did I mention the love eating part? My interest in cooking started with the almighty food-nerd, Alton Brown. Good Eats was the one cooking show I'd seen that was interesting, and didn't make me want to take a lengthy nap. Throwing together recipes had never worked for me in the past, because I didn't understand the techniques and the science behind why things worked. Now I see recipe testing as an enjoyable artistic challenge, and the refinement of any recipe to meet my tastes as even more fun.

5. Relax: Frankie Goes to Hollywood...In a previous post I mentioned my many vices, the top which was sloth. I like relaxing, and really what person doesn't? My favorite ways to relax used to be by hiking, and lying in a hammock, except I'm no longer super close to hiking destinations and I only have one tree in the backyard. Reading helps me relax, as does painting sometimes. I plan on resurrecting my lost love for drumming by setting up my old drum set—there's no better way to relax than beating the hell out of something...loudly. Take that neighbor's annoying yappy dogs.

6. Reptiles: I got into reptile keeping fairly late in life, and honestly if you'd told me ten years ago I'd be obsessed with the captive care and breeding of various turtle species, I would've called you nuts. I'd never had a reptile as a pet when I was a kid. We only had dogs and cats—the usual warmbloods. I'm a little obsessed with herpetoculture in general now, as I'm expanding my research from turtles to bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps), water dragons (Physignathus sp.), Uromastyx, and Blue-Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua sp.). It wouldn't surprise me if at some point I set my sights on other herps.

7. Research: I both loathe and adore research, whether for a novel projects or for my aforementioned obsession with herpetoculture. I love it because you get to read a lot about something that fascinates you, and conversely I kind of hate it because I might wind up over-researching insignificant details (I may have once researched buttons on frock coats in 18th Century France for like two months), or swirling into a vast Wikipedia-like hole whereby you started on "Greek Gods" and somehow arrived at "Japanese tentacle sexual fetishes."

8. Reviewing: see my various Four Word Friday posts to see that I like reviewing movies. Who doesn't like giving people their opinions about movies, books, and life?

9. Rhythm: The word is hard to spell, and sadly not a super-mega scrabble winner. I used to be a drummer—ahem, percussionist—and for a long time rhythm was an essential part of my life. Even now I can't help but tap a pencil or snap along to a beat that's thumping inside my head. Rhythm is also important to writing—pacing. Pacing is something I working on, because the tempo of my plots tend to be a bit like 80's speed metal.

10. Rock n' Roll: While there are many music genres that I love, and no matter how my inner hidden hipster loves obscure bands no one's ever heard of, I always come back to rock. From the Beatles' guru-lovin' days to Neutral Milk Hotel's bizzaro indie rock, I love it. If I was forced to listen to one genre and forsake all other—it would probably be rock. It's so expansive!

If you want to take up the challenge, leave a comment and I'll give you a letter to blog about.


At May 31, 2012 at 10:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"started on 'Greek Gods' and somehow arrived at 'Japanese tentacle sexual fetishes.'" Ha!

At June 2, 2012 at 8:31 AM , Anonymous Britta said...

What the heck, give me a letter

At June 2, 2012 at 4:43 PM , Blogger B.C. Matthews said...

How about the letter "D"?


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